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About Us

Ravi Koneru
Chakra is the result of a lifelong dream to present a truly unique dining experience to both Indians and non-Indians alike, “commented owner Ravi Koneru who bought conceptualized Restaurant with his wife, Sunita.”As the name Chakra implies, our goal was to combine distinct dynamic elements to form a memorable dining experience”.

Chakra, is the Sanskrit word for wheels of energy, evolution. Although each possesses its own unique attributes, together, the seven Chakras combine on every level to form one indivisible whole. It is this notion of combining distinct, dynamic elements to form a complete whole that is the underlying essence of Chakra Cuisine.
Ravi & Sunita Koneru brought new “energy” to Orange County when they opened the doors of Chakra Cuisine in Irvine last year and now, with the opening of Chakra Beverly Hills, Angelinos have the opportunity to embark on an unprecedented culinary journey. The husband and wife team made their lifelong dream a reality by presenting authentic Indian cuisine in a contemporary, innovative way to make it more appealing to today's sophisticated diner, Indian and non-Indian alike. Ravi & Sunita worked tirelessly to perfect the restaurant's menu and overall design in order to take the diner on a culinary journey, as well as a cultural one involving all the senses to connect the mind, body and spirit.

Chakra's menu features classic Indian cuisine reinvented for today's more sophisticated, discriminating palate. By incorporating traditional ingredients with those less common in Indian cuisine, Chakra honors tradition while creating unique, inspiring dishes.

Without any formal training, Ravi & Sunita developed Chakra's menu by pulling from their own culinary experiences and those of her family from past generations. By staying true to the core of recipes that have been passed to them, they have been able to maintain authenticity while creating unique flavors profiles and stimulating presentations. They set out to create a menu that would present dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala alongside with uncommon ones such as Masala Scallops. By incorporating traditional ingredients with those less common in Indian cuisine, such as banana leaves, caramelized pineapples and persimmon, Sunita created inspiring dishes such as, Masala Halibut, a roasted filet of halibut spiced with Masala in a spinach puree and fenugreek sauce with lemon rice, and Chicken Sixty-Five, boneless pieces of chicken sautéed with curry leaves, bell peppers and yogurt.

Unlike most restaurants that specialize in Indian cuisine, Ravi & Sunita did not limit their menu to one region of the vast country, but instead reflects an unparalleled dining experience that involves exotic Tandoori dishes from the Northern states, as well as the distinct curries celebrated in the South. With selections ranging from the street foods of Bombay to the delicacies from their hometown of Hyderabad, Ravi & Sunita's menu is both intriguing and inviting to the newcomer, while remaining authentic to most familiar palate.

The two were also responsible for the interior design of the restaurant, which combines traditional Indian décor with sophistication and contemporary style to create an environment that accurately reflects and supports Chakra's innovative menu. The entire restaurant features the hues of India’s signature dishes, along with its celebratory colors of crimson and gold. Private lounges combine elegance with sexiness and style by featuring flat screen televisions and state-of-the-art sound systems.

In an attempt to have Chakra live up to its definition of perpetual motion and energy, Ravi & Sunita has managed to awaken the inner soul through colorful ambience, rich palette and complex tastes.
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